Blister Packaging:

Blister Packaging Producer in Turkey

Blister Packaging; Blister packaging is being produced by the thermoforming of PVC, PET or PS plastic sheets in the form of product that need to be packed.

We're capable to offer various kinds of blister packaging accordingly to your specific needs. Such as;

-High Frequency Welded Blisters: which are mainly preferred for high valued items to ensure highest protection against thief.

-Lock Blisters: has a locking trims on it, could be produced as one or two part.

-Twist Blister: has a twisted corners on plastic parts, separate carton part inserted into this corners to provide support and close the back-side of packaging.

-Paper Sealed Blister: thermoformed plastic part has been sealed onto carton part.

Blister Packaging Samples;

High Frequency Welded Blisters Lock Blister Twisted Blister