Thermoformed Trays:

Thermoformed Tray, Ampoule Tray, Medical Tray, Shelf Tray, Industrial Trays

Thermoformed trays are being used widely both in industrial and promotional applications.

Medical Trays: Ampoule trays are the main application of thermoformed trays in medical industry.

Ampoule Tray

Industrial Trays: Thermoformed trays has been used in industrial production to carry or store semi-finished or finished products.

Industrial Tray, In-Process Tray, Finished Goods Tray

Confectionery Trays: Various confectionery products being packed with thermoformed trays to increase visuality and secure the taste and appearance.

Confectionery Tray, Chocolate Tray, Candy Tray

In-Box Seperators: Mainly used to make partitions inside the boxes or create special promotional sets.

In-Bo Seperator Set Box Seperator Coffret Box Seperator

Display Trays: Used as an effective method both for packaging of products and make them ready to present at point-of-sales.

Display Tray Shelf Divider Tray In Shelf Tray